Drawing a Photo Second part: The Bride


From My Back Yard

Drawing a Photo

Second Part: The Bride

Teaneck, Bergen County, NJ

One day I heard him chirping, mono-tone, short, intermittent, he was on a branch. I saw him fall to the ground with that soft elegant landing, he was picking at the tree and then left. The next day the same thing and so for several days, then his long chirp was no longer heard, but he kept coming to eat almost punctually at the same time two or three times a day. I am not an expert in avian ethology, so I did not know why that behavior, until at last his secret was revealed. One morning as he routinely did, he reached the grass, chirping as always and a moment later landed another bird similar to him with slightly different colors, I mean quite different, although she retained some red areas and their species characteristic red beak it stung in the grass, walked a little apart and quickly disappeared, almost immediately our protagonist disappeared.

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The Bride

Jorge Photography, Studio Portraits, Bergen County, New Jersey - blog-cardenal-81.jpg

Northen Cardinal Female Shop online

Jorge Photography, Studio Portraits, Bergen County, New Jersey - blog-cardinal-36.jpg

Northen Cardinal Female

Jorge Photography, Studio Portraits, Bergen County, New Jersey - cardenal-4.jpg

Northen Cardinal Female

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Excelente lo preciosa de la naturaleza en su esplendor
Luis Celia
Seres honestos, libres y sin ningún tipo de competencia, por ser superior a los otros! Fe
Myriam Giraldo Cuentas
Hermosa y deslumbrante la novia como el novio. Quisiera ver también fotos de los futuros poyuelitos de los cardenales del Norte.
Zulmar Teresa Giraldo
Hermosa la \"NOVIA\" y mucho mas su romantica historia💗
Jose Luis Gil Castro
Hermosa naturaleza
Never knew the cardinal had brown feathers

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